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  Hill Head Preparatory School
51 Crofton Lane
Hill Head
PO14 3LW
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“Welcome to the Hill Head Prep. School and Nursery Website I hope you enjoy your visit.  You are also invited to come and see for yourself the standard of education children can achieve when they are taught by dedicated professional staff using the best modern and traditional methods.”

Mrs. B. Barber B.Ed. (Hons.), Cert. Ed.

Hill Head Prep. School is a small family run School and Nursery, which provides excellent academic education and high quality childcare. Our separate Nursery department - Maple Cottage Nursery takes children from 2 to 4 years of age  on a session basis and the School provides full-time education for children aged 3 ½ to 8+ years. 

Situated in a quiet residential area the School has its own purpose built accommodation, a secure and well-equipped playground and its own sports field. The children also make use of the extensive gardens, orchard and wooded areas to reinforce their learning. The Nursery department is located in its own spacious accommodation in the historic setting of a 15th century cottage which is also in the School grounds.

We believe that children thrive in small classes. Our staff – pupil ratio is high enabling children to benefit from individual attention and tuition. We are extremely proud of our children’s outstanding record of success in entrance examinations, many having won scholarships to the best Independent Schools in the area.

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